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Laser Vision Correction Procedures
Laser Vision Correction Procedures: The Difference

What is LASIK?

Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis or commonly known as LASIK, was introduced during the mid-nineties. It was discovered that by cutting open a flap in the cornea and applying the excimer laser treatment beneath the flap, the initial discomfort and slower visual recovery of early PRK could be avoided. With its suck, cut, flap and zap method, LASIK quickly grew in popularity to become the household word that it is known as today.

How Does LASIK works

Step 1
Numbing eye drops is administered to the eye. A suction ring clamp is applied to the eyeball and a corneal flap is then cut using either a microkeratome blade or femtosecond laser.
Step 2
The cut corneal flap is lifted up in preparation for the reshaping of the corneal stroma tissue.
Step 3
The excimer laser is used to sculpt a new cornea curvature to correct the vision.
Step 4
When the treatment is completed, the flap is repositioned to its original place.
Step 5
The corneal flap is held in place by only a tissue pressure.