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Laser Vision Correction Procedures: The Difference

What is epi-LASIK?

epi-LASIK is a surface based laser vision correction procedure that does not involves any cut and creation of flap in the cornea. epi-LASIK is able to correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism an presbyopia.


How epi-LASIK is performed

Step 1: Suction ring is placed on the eye to keep the eye’s position in place


Step 2: A device called the epithelium separator is used to remove the surface epithelium layer.


Step 3: The epithelium is removed, the exposed cornea is ready to be reshaped


Step 4: Excimer laser is used to reshaped the cornea, to correct your vision.


Step 5: Bandage contact lens is placed for a few days after the surgery on the eyes, to protect the eyes while the epithelium cells are regenerating.