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Will my eyes be bandaged after the procedure?


In Singapore, eye LASIK surgery has gathered a lot of interests and inquiries due to its safe and effective reputation. Similar to the concern of stitches (which is not required for LASIK surgery), another question that is frequently asked is if bandage is needed after the surgery.

The answer is no. This is because there are no stitches involved to begin with. Although the LASIK surgery is surgical, but the healing process is completely self-heal. The superficial circular cornea flap will self-adhere itself naturally within a few minutes. Within 24 hours, the cornea surface epithelium cells begin to migrate in to seal the edges of the flap. Stitches are therefore not necessary.

However, as a precaution against rubbing and accidental trauma, you are required to wear the protective transparent eye shields or eyewear throughout the day and overnight for the first 24 hours. Subsequently, they need to be worn only when sleeping for the first week. Occasionally, your doctor may require you to wear a special contact lens for the first week after the procedure.

It is important that you take the eye shields protection seriously as it is very common for patients to instinctively want to rub their eye after the surgery. This could dislodge the flap, which will require further treatment and should be avoided at all time. Keeping your transparent eye shield on will help you prevent the instinctive eye rub tremendously.

Another important thing to note is that although you will be provided with a transparent eye shield, you should still arrange someone to drive you home after the surgery and plan to take a couple days off work as the common side effects will noticeably affect your vision for a couple days after the surgery.  The symptoms include hazy or blurry vision, sensitivity with lights, difficulty with night vision, discomfort and even mild pain. These symptoms will typically improve greatly after a couple of days.

Even though no bandage nor stitches is required in LASIK surgery, it is still necessary to pay your doctor a postoperative visit within the first 24 to 48 hours after the surgery. This will allow your doctor to monitor your progress and ensure everything is right. Depends on your personal condition, your doctor may advise the usage of artificial tears to help with dry eye.