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What precautions must I take before LASIK surgery?


Before you decide to go with the LASIK surgery, keep in mind that patients with certain diseases might not be able to reach a safe and effective results from the LASIK surgery. The list includes: Herpes simplex or Herpes zoster (shingles) involving the eye area, Glaucoma, glaucoma suspect, ocular hypertension, Eye diseases such as uveitis/iritis (inflammations of the eye), eye injuries, previous eye surgeries and keratoconus.

Once you’ve been cleared from the conditions above and decided to take the LASIK surgery, an important thing to remember is that all contact lens wear must be stopped well before the day of surgery. RGP, semi-hard or hard contact lens users should stop wearing them at least two weeks before the procedure. Soft contacts users should stop one week before. This is because contact lenses are worn on the cornea and will temporarily change the shape of the cornea slightly, but significantly enough to affect the results of the surgery.

Things to note prior to lasik surgery. No weating soft lens for certain period. No perfumes, deodorant or afteshave, no driving, no makeup.

Make-up, perfume or hair-care products must not be worn or used on the day of surgery. The vapours emitted by these may interfere with the sensitive laser. Also, have someone come in with you on the day of surgery. You should not drive immediately after the procedure as vision will be slightly blurry2. Additionally, some patients become extra-sensitive to lights, feel free to bring a pair of sunglasses to help with that, should it occur.

A check list provided from the U.S Food and Drug Administration for pre-operative, operative, and post-operative expectations advise that you have a thorough exam, read and understand the informed consent, arrange for transportation and plan to take a few days to recover1.

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