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What if my vision is not corrected to 6/6?


Among all the LASIK eye surgeries, in Singapore and worldwide, LASIK is commonly deemed effective and safe. But it still does not guarantee a perfect vision as the result of a successful LASIK surgery.

Under or over-correction may occur. This is the main reason why a follow-up visit within the first 24 hours after the surgery is necessary, so your doctor will be able to fully assess your healing progress and continue to monitor the results with each follow-up visit.

When the under or over-correction is significant, a second “enhancement” procedure may be recommended by your doctor. Sometimes, a mild under-correction in one eye is deliberately aimed for in older patients likely or already suffering from presbyopia (middle-age farsightedness). This concept is termed “mono-vision”

Enhancement is done in about five to fifteen per cent of cases. It is done by re-lifting the cornea flap and using the excimer laser to fine-tune the desired refraction. However, there should be a waiting period of between three weeks to three months, with the refractive status stable, before proceeding. During this interim period, if clear distance vision is desired, low-power spectacles or contact lens can be prescribed and worn when required.

For severely over-corrected eyes, re-treatment may be difficult. Therefore, to reduce this risk, most doctors deliberately aim for a slight under-correction when treating high to moderate myopia.

It is important that you work with your doctor to manage your expectations prior to the surgery. Especially for those with high myopia. Understand the risks involved as well as the possibility of still needing eye glasses after the surgery.

All prospective LASIK candidates are encouraged to get as much information as possible as long as the information obtained is from credible sources. After all, due to its surgical nature, LASIK still comes with risks and require careful planning and decision making from both the patient and the doctor.

Should you decide to undergo a second “enhancement” surgery, make sure it is your decision and that you prepare yourself for the surgery by following your doctor’s instruction strictly and carefully.

The amount of time you should wait between the two surgery varies and mainly depends on the healing process of your eye along with a number of other conditions of the eye. Discuss with your doctor and do not rush into the second treatment before you receive your doctor’s permission.