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What if my myopia power continues to increase?


In SingaporeLASIK surgery has been receiving more and more attention; along with the attention, it comes more and more questions about the surgery from prospective candidates, which is a great thing. It is highly recommended that any interested candidate should be as well informed as possible on the surgery, this can be achieved through a detail discussion with your eye doctor and reading up on LASIK information from credible sources.

We are often asked that what if the myopia power continue to increase after the surgery, while this is an understandable concern; it is not exactly something patients should be concerned about.

The progression of myopia is unlikely to happen as LASIK candidates should be at least over the age of 18 with stable vision condition, which means stable myopia. However, patients should still take good care of their eyes, especially in limiting excessive near vision work. Should further myopia progression occur, they are likely to be of small magnitudes. Low power spectacles or contact lenses can still be prescribed if required. Alternatively, a second “enhancement” LASIK may be considered, but a detailed and thorough discussion should be conducted with your doctor first. Ensure that your doctor’s advice on this is sought first before you make any decision.

Normally, in your follow-up postoperative visits, your doctor should be able to tell if something is not right, in addition to monitoring your LASIK surgery results and the healing progress. If you had any concerns or are experiencing anything that you don’t feel right about, tell your doctor immediately.  

Last but not least, choosing an experienced doctor will help with the process significantly. Not only will an experienced doctor be able to answer just about all of your questions, he or she is also more likely to be able to handle any unforeseen, unexpected events before, during, or after the surgery. The only way to choose an experienced, qualified doctor is through comparisons and recommendations from the people you trust.