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What if I blink or move my eyes during the procedure?


One of the most common questions about LASIK in Singapore, and perhaps the world is that people are worried that they might blink during the procedure, and that might lead to unfortunate outcomes. The good news is, for most people, this is not really a major concern that you should be worried about.

The reason blinking is not a problem is that your eye is propped open throughout the procedure by the lid speculum. When the cornea flap is being created, you will not be able to move your eye as it is held firmly by the strong suction force exerted through the suction ring.

During the laser phase, you are required to keep your gaze fixed at the blinking red light straight ahead. Do not worry that your eye may inadvertently drift away as the surgeon is closely monitoring the procedure throughout and can halt treatment at any time should drifting occur. In addition, all modern lasers have a sophisticated built-in eye tracking system that will actively follow any small movements of your eye, which is an essential for custom LASIK. This will also ensure that the laser treatment is applied at the right spot throughout the procedure.

The movement of your head and body would not be a major concern either, you’d be lying down on a cushioned surfaced reclined chair or bed, some laser platforms even have a contoured headrest that will help keep your head in the same position during the procedure without causing any discomfort at all. In some cases, your LASIK surgeon may also gently hold your head to help you keep a steady position of your head.

In summary, during the procedure, your only job is simply to stare at a fixed light. Everything else will be taken care of with extra measure to ensure the procedure go smoothly.