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Is LASIK permanent?

While many patients assume that LASIK eliminates the chance of future development of refractive errors, LASIK only corrects the refractive error at that particular point in the patient’s life. This means that LASIK result does not last a lifetime.

Therefore, a more accurate question would be how long does LASIK last? Depending on certain features of the patient’s eyes such as level of astigmatism, corneal shape, and age, it is possible for refractive errors to continue developing even after LASIK surgery. It is estimated that 6% of patients may have to undergo an enhancement surgery within 10 years of the first surgery. Nevertheless, LASIK has been proven to have an excellent record, and many patients have successfully maintained independence from glasses or contact lenses after surgery.

To make your LASIK’s result last longer, it is important that you follow healthy eye habits even after your surgery! For example, one of the most relevant and important healthy eye habits in today’s generation would be to take frequent breaks when you are on your computer or your smartphone’s screen. You should take frequent breaks when you are working on your computer, try to take about 5-10 mins break for every hour!

Other than healthy eye habits, a good diet can also help you to achieve a good eye health! Salmon, tuna and other oily fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which protect the eye by preventing dry eye symptoms. It also decreases the risk of high eye pressure and glaucoma. While spinach, Kale, Collards and other green leafy vegetables: Greens contain carotenoids (the pigment that makes the leafy greens rich in colour) which reduces stress on the retina caused by high-energy blue light that causes glare. Cartenoids help you achieve sharper vision.

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