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I'm over 35, after LASIK, will I still need to wear reading glasses?


A misconception I’ve frequently heard in Singapore is LASIK eye surgery can guarantee perfect vision permanently, that is simply not true. For people over the age of 35, reading glasses would still be needed after the LASIK surgery; but not because of the LASIK surgery, it’s because of presbyopia. It is also for this reason that many LASIK surgeons will counsel patients who are over 35 years old on the benefits of mono-vision correction

For people over 35, The myopic eye tends to lose its power of accommodation or focusing ability for near vision at an earlier age than the normal eye. This aging eye phenomenon is called presbyopia or middle-age farsightedness. It is caused by the progressive hardening of the crystalline lens in the eye and weakening of the focusing ciliary muscles. It usually starts to occur past the age of 35 years in myopic eyes. Indeed, those in this age group who have had successful LASIK surgery may find that reading glasses may now become necessary for near vision work even though they can now see clearly for distance. Note that this is a natural occurrence as your age, with or without prior LASIK surgery.  

As the presbyopia develops, people may find that they need to hold the item closer in order to read the text on them; such as menu, books, newspapers, etc. In some cases, presbyopia may even cause headaches, eye strain or feeling of fatigue when people with presbyopia perform tasks that require near sight vision.

Presbyopia is caused by the natural aging process of the human body, as your age, the proteins in your lens make the lens and the muscle fibers surrounding the lens harder and less elastic. The decrease of elasticity makes it harder for the eyes to focus up close. And because the LASIK surgery focuses on your cornea and changing the shape of it to help you see better, it does not interfere with the natural aging process in and around your lens at all, hence having no effect on the development of presbyopia. You can sought a consultation from experienced LASIK surgeon in Singapore to know more details.