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How much medical leave must I take? When can I resume normal activities?


Eye surgery in Singapore has become very popular as it is known for its effectiveness and safety. In fact, not only in Singapore, eye surgery is perhaps one of the most popular surgeries around the world.

While it requires no hospital stay, it is still recommended for patients to take about 4-5 days of medical leave from work or school. The reason being that the side effects of the surgery will affect your vision for at least a couple of days. The symptoms include hazy or blurry vision, sensitivity with lights, difficulty with night vision, discomfort and even mild pain. These symptoms may affect your performance at work or, even day to day tasks for the first couple of days but should improve greatly after that. You should also let your eyes rest as much as possible while you wait for the symptoms to fade away.

A transparent eye protective shield will be provided to you, not only to prevent dust to get into your eyes, but also to prevent the instinctive eye rub. You must keep the protective eye shield on at all time, including when you’re sleeping.

Within the first 24 hours to 48 hours after your surgery, it is important that you pay a postoperative visit to your doctor. This will allow your doctor to monitor your progress and ensure everything is right.

Most patients can return to work in two days. You should avoid crowded and dusty places for the first week to reduce the risk of bacterial infection. Swimming, gardening and vigorous exercises should be refrained for at least two weeks.

Depending on your personal condition, your doctor may prescribe antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops following the procedure to prevent bacteria infection and to moderate the healing response. Make sure that you follow your doctor’s instruction. Additionally, some temporary dryness of the eyes may occur after your LASIK surgery, you should keep your eyes well lubricated.