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How Long does LASIK take?


The length of the LASIK surgery depends on a couple of factors, such as the level of correction needed, and your prescription1. Generally, the entire surgical procedure takes only 10 minutes or less per eye. The actual amount of time the laser is active on the eye is only one minute or less to correct your refractive error.

Even though the surgery itself does not take long, you should, however, plan to arrive early before your surgery to ensure you have enough time for the pre-operative preparation. You should also expect to spend some time after the surgery for post-operative recovery and evaluation. Altogether, this would normally take a couple of hours.

Note that this procedure will require your eye to be fixed on one spot once the laser comes on, this usually means that you will be asked to stare at a light or spot during the laser. If you had difficulties starting at a fixed object for at least 60 seconds, this might disqualify you as a suitable candidate for the LASIK surgery1.

After the surgery, you would be provided with an eye shield to protect your eye while it heals. Given that no stitches are used in the surgery; it is important to keep your eye shield on to protect yourself from rubbing your eyes or putting pressure on your eyes during sleep as well as other accidents that might jeopardy the healing of your eyes.


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