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Does Computer Use Affects My LASIK Recovery?

Although using computer or handphone after your LASIK surgery will not directly affect the results of your surgery, prolonged computer and handphone use will cause your eyes to be more dry. Dry eyes could slow down your post-LASIK recovery which is why your doctor will usually advise you not to go back to work within the next few days after your LASIK surgery, especially so if you are required to spend long hours staring at a computer screen. Similar to computer use, it is also advisable to keep the usage of your handphone to minimal, especially within the first few days of your LASIK surgery. Try to take frequent breaks in between your computer use, perhaps about 10-15 minutes every hour.

At Clearvision, you will be given up to 5 days of MC (including the surgery day) after your LASIK surgery, which you are advise to take full use of to rest at home.