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Can I go blind from LASIK?


LASIK surgery has been performed many times annually around the world, and it is known for its safety and effectiveness, while there is a risk of going blind such as unforeseen accidents during the procedure, it is extremely unusual and very rare to go blind from a LASIK surgery.

To date, there has been no reported cases of blindness from the over ten thousand cases done in Singapore. However, there may occur what is termed as “loss of best corrected visual acuity”. This means seeing worse after the procedure than before despite the best spectacles or contact lens prescription. Fortunately, this complication usually only affects the ability to read the bottom few lines of the standard vision test charts. Other vision attributes may also be affected. Generally, LASIK surgery’s most commonly reported complications are dry eyes, halos, and glare1. Although other severe complications, such as significant vision loss, are possible, but they are also very uncommon. That being said, taking necessary steps to minimum your risks is strongly encouraged.

Minimum risks in LASIK surgery

To minimum your risk of complications, please ensure that you have carefully conduct an evaluation and that your doctor has all the information regarding your physical health, medical history and family medical history to make the best judgement on whether you would be a good candidate for LASIK surgery. A detailed consultation is required before the surgery and during which, you should discuss your specific risks with your doctor. Remember, the level of your refractive error, the thickness of your cornea, your overall health and age can all affect your risks in LASIK surgery. A detailed coverage on all your individual risk factors is encouraged.  Additionally, an experienced surgeon would also significantly decrease your risk of complications and help you manage any post-operative symptoms you may have.

Finally, please ensure you discuss the possibility of unacceptable outcomes and the policies of the establishment you are choosing to have LASIK surgery at to see if any measures will take place should unfortunate events occur.


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