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Can my vision be worse after LASIK treatment?

Yes. This is one of the risks associated with the surgery, and even an experienced LASIK surgeon in Singapore won’t be able to guarantee that it won’t happen. But fortunately, the likelihood of this happening is less than two percent and there is a fair chance of further vision improvement with time.
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Can LASIK guarantee a 6/6 vision?
No, no eye surgeon can guarantee a 6/6 vision as the outcome of the LASIK surgery.
How much does LASIK surgery cost?
While the costs of the lasik surgery should definitely be considered as a factor in your decision on whether or not to go for the LASIK surgery, however, it should not be a factor in choosing a surgeon or clinic.
How much medical leave must I take? When can I resume normal activities?
While it requires no hospital stay, it is still recommended for patients to take about 4-5 days of medical leave from work or school. The reason being that the side effects of the surgery will affect your vision for at least a couple of days.
How often must I come back for review after LASIK surgery?
Follow-up reviews are just as important as the pre-surgery precautions and preparations. Especially the first one.
I'm over 35, after LASIK, will I still need to wear reading glasses?
For people over the age of 35, reading glasses would still be needed after the LASIK surgery; but not because of the LASIK surgery, it’s because of presbyopia. It is also for this reason that many LASIK surgeons will counsel patients who are over 35 years old on the benefits of mono-vision correction
Should I go for LASIK Surgery?
Even with the increased popularity of eye LASIK in Singapore, it still doesn’t change the fact that most of the time, LASIK is an elective surgical procedure with no pressing medical.
What if my myopia power continues to increase?
LASIK surgery has been receiving more and more attention; along with the attention, it comes more and more questions about the surgery from prospective candidates, which is a great thing
What if my vision is not corrected to 6/6?
LASIK is commonly deemed effective and safe. But it still does not guarantee a perfect vision as the result of a successful LASIK surgery.
What is the suitable age to go for LASIK surgery?
As myopia becomes more and more common among young students in Singapore. Among all eye surgeries, the popular and common eye surgery would be the LASIK surgery.