Why Us

Why Choose Clearvision

Surgeon’s Qualifications

As a pioneering practitioner of LASIK and Epi-LASIK surgeries, Dr. Tony Ho, Clearvision’s founding director, is one of the most experienced and respected ophthalmologist in the country today. Using state-of-the-art LASIK equipment and a continuously refined treatment method, he has personally performed thousands of successful surgeries throughout his career.

One of the Best Lasik Surgeons in Singapore

Early on, Dr. Ho has seen the unique advantages of epi-LASIK over LASIK surgery in terms of safety and effectiveness, and he has since dedicated himself to improving the epi-LASIK procedure that Clearvision specializes in. Furthermore, Clearvision is known for its professional and friendly staff, highly trained doctors, and a convenient location.

Advanced Technology

Clearvision is equipped with the Schwind Amaris 1050RS. Currently one of the newest and fastest excimer laser in the world, the Schwind Amaris 1050RS is packed
with state-of-the-art technology features
such as seven-dimensional tracking and
zero second latency, which enables
super-smooth tracking of eye movements
during the surgery. Furthermore, with this technology, laser treatment time is halved, providing more comfort and ease for our patients.

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