Safe Sight TransPRK

How does it work?

Safe Sight TransPRK is a true all laser, one-step no touch laser vision correction procedure as compared to the conventional cut-and-flap LASIK. unlike LASIK, it completely eliminates flap-related medical complications and dry eyes problem.

Step 1

Initial ‘no-touch’ removal of epithelium layer with SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS laser. (Patient is only required to look ahead at a blinking green light)

Step 2

Seam less transition to laser vision correction. (Patient simply continues to fixate at gaze at the blinking green light

Step 3

Cornea epithelium regenerates itself in 3-5 days with help of the high-oxygen content soft bandage lens. (Procedure is over in 10 to 50 seconds depending on the eye power corrected.