The Preferred Choice of the Informed Generation

Benefits of Clearvision’s Safe Sight TransPRK

1. Stronger Cornea

In Safe Sight TransPRK, the cornea is not cut. Thus, cornea strength and structure are better preserved. Opting for additional LASIK Xtra cross-linking during your Safe Sight TransPRK can also help to further improve the strength of your cornea.

2. No flap-related complications related to LASIK

As there is no cut flap created in the cornea, flap complications such as flap wrinkles, flap inflammations and flap infections can be avoided completely. With Safe Sight TransPRK, you are able to rub your eyes freely!

3. No risk of flap dislodgement

Safe Sight TransPRK completely eliminates the risk of flap dislodgement as no flap is created at all. For LASIK patients, flap dislodgement can happen when a shuttlecock hits the eye or from a finger poke injury. This makes Safe Sight TransPRK safer especially for active sports people, and is the approved laser vision correction procedure for military personnels.

4. No permanent LASIK-induced dry eyes

No cutting of cornea nerves takes place in Safe Sight TransPRK, thus it is unlikely to result in dry eyes.

5. Suitable for more eyes.

As Safe Sight TransPRK is a surface-based procedure, less cornea tissue is required. Patients with high myopia or thin cornea who have been rejected from LASIK may be suitable for Safe Sight TransPRK.

6. Preparation for the future

In Safe Sight TransPRK, laser vision correction begins right at the surface. Less cornea tissue is wasted through a cut flap, and a thicker cornea bed is preserved. Precious cornea tissue can come in handy for future procedures e.g. presbyopia (lao hua) when our eyes age naturally.

7.  Better visual outcomes

With Safe Sight TransPRK, true wavefront laser vision correction is possible as it does not introduce new wavefront errors when the eye doctor cuts the cornea flap in LASIK.