So huge numbers of the patients we see at Teplick Custom Vision are searching for laser vision revision. By and large, these patients come in requesting LASIK surgery. Epi LASIK is the most well-known and broadly known type of laser vision revision. Be that as it may, while LASIK gives better vision results than the individuals who are hopefuls, it is not the right technique for the greater part of our patients. The individuals who have a flimsy or unpredictable cornea might be more qualified for Epi-LASIK. Epi-LASIK makes changes straightforwardly to the surface of the cornea, dispensing with the requirement for a corneal fold. This is a sheltered and successful alternative for a large portion of our patients who are not perfect possibility for conventional LASIK. One weakness of Epi-LASIK is that it involves a more extended recuperation than LASIK. In any case, the majority of our Portland patients find that Epi-LASIK symptoms are reasonable and are definitely justified even despite the last consequences of surgery.


The average recuperation from Epi-LASIK in Singapore is a couple days longer than that of customary LASIK. Taking after the Epi-LASIK system, we will put a defensive lens over the treated eye(s). This lens must stay set up for three to four days. Though LASIK regularly brings about enhanced vision and the capacity to drive as right on time as the primary day after surgery, the individuals who experience Epi-LASIK ought to hope to encounter enhanced vison around three to four days after their system and are frequently prepared to drive around a week after surgery. Beside the way that Epi-LASIK requires a more extended recuperation period, the reactions that are experienced amid this recuperation are like those of customary LASIK surgery. The following are a portion of the symptoms that are ordinarily experienced by our patients taking after an Epi-LASIK technique:

  • Hazy, vague vision
  • Dry, bothersome eyes
  • Agony, inconvenience, or a smoldering sensation in the eyes
  • A coarse feeling, as if there is sand or earth in the eyes
  • Starbursts or coronas around wellsprings of light
  • Affectability to light

Once more, a number of these side effects are the same that are experienced after customary LASIK surgery. The main distinction is that patients may encounter these symptoms somewhat more than the individuals who experience LASIK. Epi-LASIK patients additionally appear to encounter an expanded level of distress, for at any rate the initial few days taking after their system. We will recommend torment drug, and additionally sedated and greasing up eye drops, all of which will help in the administration of Epi-LASIK reactions.


Advantages of Epi-LASIK

Epi-LASIK in Singapore

Notwithstanding the amplified recuperation period, Epi-LASIK offers various advantages and is a fantastic choice for the individuals who are illsuited for LASIK surgery. Epi-LASIK can altogether enhance vision and conceivably take out the requirement for remedial lenses. Moreover, Epi-LASIK has a lower danger of fold difficulties and is more averse to bring about long haul dry eye disorder, which makes it a to a great degree okay system.

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