A fruitful eye LASIK method is resolved to a great extent by whether you meet certain patient criteria and if laser eye surgery is a good fit for you. LASIK and PRK results are quite often ideal; be that as it may, not everybody is a decent contender for vision rectification surgery. The accompanying laser eye surgery agenda is a decent begin to help you figure out whether LASIK or PRK is a good fit for you.

Your Cornea Must Have Sufficient Thickness

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Most refractive systems enhance visual keenness by reshaping the front surface of the eye (cornea). Performing laser eye surgery on a cornea that is too thin or has a surface that is amazingly unpredictable and deformed (for instance, on the off chance that you experience the ill effects of keratoconus) could bargain comes about and debilitate your vision. In the event that you’ve been told before that you couldn’t have LASIK in light of the fact that your corneas are too thin, late advances may mean you’re presently an adequate possibility for laser vision amendment. For instance, utilizing a femtosecond laser rather than a microkeratome may empower your specialist to make a slenderer corneal fold and in this manner protect additionally hidden corneal tissue for laser treatment. What’s more, in case regardless you’re not a decent contender for eye LASIK in Singapore or PRK in spite of new advancements and systems, another kind of refractive surgery, for example, implantable lenses (phakic IOLs), might be an alternative.

Your Prescription Must Be Within Certain Limits

On the off chance that your solution is high whether because of myopia, farsightedness or astigmatism your eye specialist may prompt you against the LASIK method. Consequences of LASIK surgery for the treatment of high refractive blunders are less unsurprising and may not be justified regardless of the expense and potential dangers.

Your Pupils Must Not Be Overly Large

In the event that your understudies are normally substantial, you could be at expanded danger of reactions, for example, radiances, glares and starbursts in low light, particularly when driving around evening time.

Your Eyes Must Be Healthy

In the event that you have any condition that can influence how your eyes react to surgery or recuperate a while later, you should hold up until that condition is determined. Illustrations are serious dry eye disorder, conjunctivitis (pink eye), contamination and any kind of eye harm. On the off chance that you have constant dry eyes, where you don’t create enough tears to keep your eyes greased up and sound, LASIK surgery may exasperate this condition. Regular manifestations of dry eyes incorporate blazing or stinging, an abrasive sensation in the eye, decreased resilience to wind, irregular hazy vision, and even unreasonable tears now and again. On the off chance that you have some of these indications, make certain to talk about them with your specialist before surgery. Your eye specialist can figure out whether you have dry eyes amid your preoperative exam and more often than not can effectively treat the condition so you can then continue with laser eye surgery. Conceivable medicines incorporate simulated tears, punctal plugs, cured eye drops, flaxseed or fish oil supplements, or a blend of these methodologies.

Waterfalls that meddle with your vision and uncontrolled glaucoma likewise will ordinarily keep you from being a possibility for LASIK or PRK techniques.

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