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Can I have both eyes done with LASIK eye surgery at the same time?


Laser eye surgery is probably one of the most common surgical procedures being performed all over the world and it’s no wonder that it may be surrounded with myths and conflicting information regarding this kind of procedure. So if you plan on getting a LASIK in Singapore  do some research!

Before you even begin with your laser vision surgery, you must be thinking “Can I have both eyes done at the same time?” This kind of question is very common for patients who plan on having both of their eyes go under laser eye surgery. So it’s no surprise if this is the same kind of question that you want to ask yourself as well. If you want, you can read through this article and have that kind of inquiry be answered.

During the early days, LASIK was originally done one eye at a time. If you are wondering why is that then there are 2 big reasons for that.

The first one being that refractive surgeons want to ensure that the first eye will be alright after the procedure before they go on ahead with the second one. It was also during this time that the laser technology was so new that a refractive surgeon is considered to be very small and belong to an almost fictional team of ophthalmologist. Even early refractive surgeons would learn some new techniques from other places then later on pass the new knowledge that they have gathered to their fellow refractive surgeons. It was those days where having a laser surgery done on one eye at a time may seem like a good idea.

The other reason why not having LASIK eye surgery done on both eyes at the same time is that the results, may seem like a miracle during that time in history, seems to be wildly erratic if you base it by today’s standards. It is required to analyze how that person’s eye responded, prescription wise, to the very first treatment and then have some modifications to the plan as needed to the second eye.

It’s safe to say that the pioneers in laser vision correction back then have made it all possible as to what the surgeons of today are able to achieve in this procedure. With the help of modern technology and the evolution of modern medicine, the possibilities of a successful LASIK eye surgery being done on both eyes at the same time are finally within reach.

So to answer the question if laser vision surgery can be done on both eyes at the same time is that it can all be possible. There’s no reason for any patient to avoid this kind of option. The major complications that have raised a major concern back in the days rarely occurs that there’s no need to panic about it happening in today’s time.