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4 Tips For People Considering LASIK Procedure



epi-LASIK has the nearest similarity to LASEK surgery than any of great LASIK forms. Ophthalmologists embracing the epi-LASIK process don’t utilize Alcoholic refreshments arrangement on the epithelium’s region, which is comparable for LASEK surgery. On top of that, epi-LASIK is most suitable for individuals with thin corneas, which has additionally the same ascribe to LASEK. 

Surgical Systems Technique

epi-LASIK can take up 10 to 15 minutes to be finished. The patient is prepared by holding the eye open with contraption. The ophthalmologist will then utilize a epithelial tissue separator to carefully ablate the epithelial fold in the cornea. Laser is then applied on the exposed cornea to reshape your cornea, thus correcting your vision.

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