Clearvision only offers “No-Flap LASIK Surgery”

We strive to provide the most reasonable fees while maintaining the highest standards in our services.

Safe Sight TransPRK Surgery

Full Pre Epi-Lasik Evaluation : $35.00*

Our 90-min full pre-Lasik evaluation includes:

–        Visual Acuity Test

–        Objective & Subjective refraction

–        Tonometry Test

–        Slit Lamp Biomicroscope Test

–        Corneal Thickness Measurement

–        Orbscan

–        Zywave aberrometry for measurement of higher order optical aberrations.

–        Detailed dilated fundus examination

–        Consultation with our Senior Eye Surgeon

TransPRK Package:
One Eye : $1,694.00*
Two Eyes : $3,388.00*

Package price includes :

–        Comprehensive Pre-Lasik Evaluation

–        Surgery performed by Dr Tony Ho (Senior Consultant) or Dr Jon Goh (Senior Consultant)

–        Initial set of Medication

–        First month Post Op reviews

*Prices will be subjected to GST