At the point when a surface removal system is justified, Epi-LASIK can be situated as a premium technique There have dependably been great contentions for surface removal, however much of the time I have by and by favored Epi LASIK Singapore. However consistently I wind up performing increasingly surface removal cases and I am not the only one in this. As indicated by Market Scope, surface methodology as an offer of U.S. laser vision revision techniques have been climbing relentlessly, from under 5% in 2001 to around 15% a year ago. Around the world, we see the same upward pattern, albeit surface removal is as of now more regular in a few nations outside the U.S. In Italy, for instance, almost 70% of laser medicines are performed at first glance.

You see, around 20% of our laser vision amendment techniques are currently surface removal. The topic of which surface method offers the best solace, security, and visual recuperation has been exceptionally discussed. My technique of decision is presently Epi-LASIK with the Epi-K by Moria (Antony, France), due to the velocity of visual recuperation contrasted with different options. I was, to be perfectly honest, amazed by these outcomes. Prior on, I attempted another epikeratome and was not inspired, so when I consented to assess the Morea Epi-K, my desires were genuinely low. I didn’t anticipate that it will be a changeover liquor helped PRK, yet it is.

Signs for Surface Removal

Epi-LASIK in Singapore

Better indicative data and elevated worry about corneal ectasia are to a great extent energizing the arrival to the surface for refractive specialists. The main reason I prescribe Epi-LASIK ┬áin Singapore is to treat patients with slender corneas, however progressively I additionally suggest it for patients with some second rate steepening or other strange geographies, dry eye, or ways of life that convey an expanded danger of fold dislodgement (Figure 1). I likewise incline toward surface removal when an improvement is required after implantation of a presbyopic IOL. Be that as it may, Epi-LASIK is not proper for anybody with a past filled with past refractive surgery, a corneal scar, or whatever other condition including harm to Bowman’s film. Moreover, there will dependably be a section of the populace that doesn’t need a fold, doesn’t need anything to cut their eye, or needs the “most secure” technique. In spite of the superb security profile of LASIK, when a patient demands the most secure system, I pick surface removal.

I have likewise performed Epi-LASIK on various keratoconus patients. When we discover that a patient has keratoconus or is a keratoconus suspect, that individual stops to be viewed as a refractive surgery persistent yet that doesn’t mean refractive surgical systems are constantly contraindicated. For keratoconic patients, we look to deal with their obsessive condition with all the apparatuses accessible to us, including unbending gas penetrable contact lenses, Intacs intracorneal ring fragments (Intacs, Addition Technology, Des Plaines, Ill.), Epi-LASIK, and corneal transplants. I never perform LASIK on these patients and don’t settle on the choice to do surface removal delicately. Be that as it may, a surface laser treatment may offer these patients an approach to enhance their visual sharpness for some timeframe before depending on transplants.