Epi-Lasik and Lasik Comparison

epi-LASIK and LASIK Comparison

1. No Cut, No Flap

In Epi-LASIK, only the uppermost epithelium layer is removed and the cornea is not cut. However, in LASIK the cornea is being cut into.

Since there is no need to cut a cornea flap in Epi-LASIK, and laser sculpting and reshaping is performed only at the cornea surface, there is no risk of flap related complications such as cornea infection, inflammations or flap wrinkles and dislodgement that exists in conventional LASIK.

LASIK cuts into the cornea and creates a flap, which leads to complications. But in EPI-LASIK, you can avoid this as the cornea is not cut into at all.

2. Preserve Cornea Structure

In Epi-LASIK, since there is no cut done to the cornea, there is no cornea weakening and less damage done. Cornea strength and structure is preserved and medical complications such as cornea thinning are kept at bay.

Complications such as cornea thinning will not occur in Epi-LASIK since cornea is not being cut,
unlike in LASIK where a flap is being cut and created.




3. Preparation for the Future

Unlike LASIK where a flap is created, Epi-LASIK does not waste precious cornea tissue and causes less damage. Cornea structure and tissue is preserved for the future should you require any second upgrade or need to do any age-related eye surgeries such as that for presbyopia (lao hua) as you grow older and your eyes age naturally.

4. Suitable for Almost All, Even those with Thin Cornea

As no cornea tissues are sacrificed on creating a flap in Epi-LASIK, patients who were previously rejected from LASIK because of their thin or flat-shaped cornea can now have their vision corrected.

Epi-LASIK reshapes the cornea curvature at the surface therefore the little precious cornea tissue that those with thin cornea have can be preserved to be used for the correction of eye power.

5. A Better Option for those with High Myopia

Typically, if you have high myopia, much more of your cornea is needed to be used for laser sculpting, and many have been turned away and rejected from LASIK when their myopia powers are too high.

However, in Epi-LASIK there is no need to create a cornea flap. Laser sculpting can begin right at the surface of the cornea, leaving the cornea with more cornea tissue after surgery. This means that those with high myopia power can now have a second chance at getting their vision corrected.

6. Does not Cause Dry Eyes

In LASIK when the cornea flap is created, cornea nerves are being cut. This leads to dry eyes being a long-term side effect that patients have to live with. However Epi-LASIK will not cause or worsen existing dry eyes since it involves zero cutting of a flap and no severing of cornea nerves.

7. Enjoy True Freedom – Safer for Military Personnel and Active Sportspersons

Epi-LASIK means enjoying True Freedom post-surgery, as there is no longer the fear of flap-dislodgment. One no longer has to worry when engaging in highly-physical contact sports and activities, or worry about dislodging the flap when rubbing one’s eyes. Go about your sporting, boxing, martial arts, military or traveling pursuits without any more worries or hold backs.

A Summary Chart: Epi-LASIK and LASIK

Stop wearing contacts - No. of days before surgerySoft lens: 3 days
Hard lens: 10 days
Soft lens: 3 days
Hard lens: 14 days
Cutting of cornea flapNoneYes
How long does surgery take?< 10min15min
For those with thin cornea?YesNo
For those with high myopia?YesNo
For those with dry eyes?YesNot encouraged
Immediate vision recovery3 days1 day
Return to workPost-op day #4Post-op day #2
Stay off driving1st 5 days post-op
Avoid strong sunlight, wear sunglasses3 months1 month
Causes dry eyesNoYes
Resuming strenuous exercise1 month1 week
Resuming contact sports: (surfing, martial arts, heading football)1 month3 months

In summary, a better alternative to Lasik in Singapore is Epi-Lasik. For Epi-Lasik consultation, contact us here.