A Second Chance at Truly Clear Vision

Clear vision is undoubtedly something that we, those who are shortsighted wish we could regain once more. Oh the convenience and opportunities that await us in a more adventurous and care-free lifestyle if only we didn’t have to deal with all the fuss and burden of spectacles and contact lens!

When it comes to seeking out LASIK to solve our vision problem, many of us fear the ‘cut’ done to our corneas and the dangers associated like dry eyes and cornea flap dislodgment. Several of us cannot even consider the LASIK option as we are found unsuitable and completely turned away because our cornea is too thin, or our myopia power is too high.

But now it’s time to cast these fears and rejections aside. With Safe Sight TransPRK, an advanced refractive procedure, EVERYONE can now have their SECOND CHANCE at achieving true wavefront vision correction.