laser eye surgery in Singapore

If you’re wearing correctional devices for your eyes’ vision such as glasses or contact lenses then there must come a point where you’re fed up and would want to consider getting a laser eye surgery to fix your problem instead. Getting refractive surgery could be the answer to your eye problem wherein it can take care of common vision problems such as far-sightedness, near-sightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism so that you won’t have to worry about wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses anymore.

But the big question is, how is the procedure going to end? Are there any risks involved in this kind of surgery? These questions may trigger you to have second thoughts considering that it can be a bit scary experience especially if you don’t have any idea on what might happen. If that is the case then, this article will serve as your guide especially on the things that you need to know prior to taking your laser eye surgery in Singapore.

1. It is important that you follow through the pre-surgery instruction chart first. Your eye doctor will require you remove your contact lenses and makeup for about one week in advance and post the surgery. Lotions, perfumes, and make-up should also be avoided as well because it might cause some risk that could let you acquire infection during post-surgery.

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2. You will eventually start experiencing some sensitivities with light. After the surgery, it is important that you protect your eyes thoroughly. Your surgeon will usually provide you with a plastic wrap around the glasses for you to use during the day and plastic eye patches and tape to prevent you from rubbing and dislodging the surgical flap made for a week right after your surgery. Having an extra pair of dark sunglasses will also go well because everything around you will seem much brighter right after your surgery.

3. If you are too scared about feeling that the surgery will be painful, you should worry about it because it is totally painless and it is done quickly. Laser eye surgeries usually lasts at an average of 10 minutes per eye and you can guarantee that the entire procedure won’t cause you any discomfort or pain.

4. You should be aware that there will be some minor aesthetic and no stitches will be involved. To make it simple, this surgery can be considered as an outpatient surgical procedure. You will be wide awake during the entire surgery and you will be receiving some eye drops as an aesthetic to help numb the surface in your eyes. If you are afraid of stitches, then you shouldn’t worry about it because none of it is being used for this kind of surgery.

5. After the surgery, it is important that you request for a few days of leave from work. A significant amount of time is needed for the eyes to fully heal. You are also not allowed to operate any kind of motor vehicle or stay in front of digital screens such as TV, computers, tablets, etc. Having your eye being exposed to these things can cause some sort of burn on them.